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We investigate all facts and examine if personal or classified data have been stolen or copied.

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Threats arising from the Technology

Today, information technology is used almost everywhere. Booking a flight ticket to Los Angeles or paying an invoice by transfer - everything is just a click away.

The increasing use of information technology systems by the end user, the technical development of consumer-oriented payment methods, the current dependency of the end-user on technological progress, and the voluntary transfer of personal data to social networks - all this is exploited by cyber criminals to get rich at the expense of others.

Almost on the daily basis, new reports are made about data attacks on enterprises or the fishing the  account data out. Phishing is already causing massive damage. Data theft may cause damage to companies in millions of dollars. Police officers train investigators and establish specialist departments to stop computer crimes. Using modern IT forensics, deleted data and information can be reconstructed on hard disks and other storage media.

IT Forensics makes it possible to determine whether Data were stolen.

The German Association for Data Protection carries out Forensic Investigations on data Carriers. We try to prove if, when and which data were stolen at your enterprise. Our approach:

1. Transfer of the Data Medium for the Examination

2. Examination by our Forensics Expert

3. Handover of the Forensic Report

4. Discussion of the Forensic Analysis

Can your Data be restored?

The German Association for Data Protection determines by means of forensic analysis whether deleted data carriers went through the secure data erasure or whether data are recoverable. Our IT forensics not only examine the data volumes we have deleted as part of our standard process and at the same time the constant function of our own erasure software: We check both the service providers and the internal erasure processes of the client. We independently determine whether personal data on data carriers may be restored and abused.

IT Forensics Reports
Mit der IT-Forensik Daten wiederherstellen
Gettinf closer to the Truth.