The erasure standard of the US Air Force was first published under the Air Force System Security Instructions AFSSI-5020. It is very widespread and is part of the numerous programs that utilise software-based data destruction to overwrite existing information on a hard drive or other storage medium.

The so-called AFSSI-5020 data erasure process is usually portrayed as follows:

  • Pass 1: Overwriting the data with a zero;

  • Pass 2: Overwriting the data with a one;

  • Pass 3: Overwriting the data with a random character as well as verifying the writing of this character.

After a data storage medium has been erased with the AFSSI-5020 data erasure method, software-based file restoration is generally excluded. Furthermore, the use of this erasure standard prevents a hardware-based restoration or extracting of data.

Numerous data-treatment Solutions support, among other Data Erasure Procedures, also the AFSSI-5020 Method.

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