Data Protection Documentation

Each of our clients is able to receive our personalized Data Protection documentation including the by our evaluation necessary information for compliance.

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The right documentation for a comprehensive overview in data protection and compliance with the accountability.

We support our clients with an individual and multilingual GDPR documentation. Enabling efficiency in the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation.

The data protection manual

Our data protection documentation includes about 650 pages and is always customized and personalized to your company. With this GDPR manual you are able to comply with your legal accountability as well as with several legal requirements.

The brochure

In this collection you are able to review the first page of each chapter in our GDPR sample documentation in English as well as in German.Download

DS-GVO Datenschutz-Handbuch

Behind the Scenes

In this slider you can click through all the first pages of our data protection manual. Following our data protection audit, the open fields are automatically filled via our data protection cloud solution. Afterwards we personalize the manual by integrating the logo of our client. The final customization represents a manual adjustment of the documentation according to your needs - creating an individual data protection documentation.

For the elaboration of all the relevant documents in data protection our data protection officers work with scalable monthly packages.

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