From the basics to our clients’ questions

The expertise of the German Society for Data Protection is supported by three main pillars:

Combination of skills

Our team consists of experts from various disciplines and can therefore cover different specialist areas.

Constant education and training

To keep our employees up to date, we prescribe regular training and further education measures.

Cross-industry knowledge

We bring our accumulated experience from various industries and branches into the consultation.


Clients are often in different initial situations. We are asked all sorts of questions. That’s why we’ve put together a brief overview of frequently asked questions based on our experience.
The rights of the individual can result from the legal regulations of the member states – for example from national state data protection laws or federal laws – or can be represented by supranational regulations; such as the General Data Protection Regulation. If you are looking for an overview, you will find the answers here.
Immerse yourself in our work and find materials here that we often use in discussions with clients. In addition to our services, you will also find documents on our data protection cloud solutions.
By means of a personalized and individually created data protection documentation, we enable our clients to fulfill the legal obligation to provide evidence after a data protection audit. You are welcome to view our sample documentation in this area.