Supervision of Software Manufacturer’s Audits

Numerous IT service providers offer software asset management (SAM). A SAM partner examines and documents the software used by the enterprise. In the framework of the so-called SAM audit, it is often determined that post-licensing is necessary. Usually, the SAM partner argues based of the view of the software manufacturer, because his knowledge is based on the regular trainings from the latter. Neutral opinions are rather rare. In addition, the SAM partner is usually also software supplier. If it establishes sublicensing, it may, if necessary, realize the follow-up revenues.

We are different. We examine your software licensing independently and neutrally.


The auditors designated by software producers could argue that used software was not lawfully acquired. It could also be argued that original invoices are to be qualified as license components. This could result in invalidation of purchased licenses and the need to purchase new licenses. Furthermore, an auditor may be of the opinion that the software licenses registered in the online systems of the software producers can not be recognized, if the purchase has not been documented.



The German Association for Data Protection is at your disposal in all these cases. On behalf of our client, we take over all communication with the software manufacturer and the appointed auditors. A lawyer specialized in software licensing law accompanies the audit as a software licensing expert.

Legally acquired software licenses are to be acknowledged by the rights owner within the scope of the software license audit. We are achieving this for our clients.