Producer-independent Software License Audits

Our software audits are to be distinguished from those of the partner companies of the software manufacturers – such as the SAM partners. In our view, software producer’s main goal is generating software revenues. Therefore, the cooperation between an auditor and the software manufacturer can harm its objectivity and neutrality.

Advantages of Independent Auditors

An auditor appointed by the righs tholder is usually not independent. The software producer is his client. He decides on the future commission of the auditor. It therefore seems conceivable that the righs tholder could refrain from a commissioning future assignments, if it does not lead to the desired results. In this respect, it seems advisable to have license audits carried out by independent auditors.

It is all about Facts

We take part in negotiations with the software producers and large account resellers on behalf of our clients. In doing so, we explain the situation examined by us and represent an objective, purely fact-based position.

Other Conditions

The German Association for Data Protection is not dependent on the software producer. We always offer our license audits to everyone – independently and impartially. We maintain our independence by not accepting any audit orders from the rights holders.


Before a software producer audit, the involvement of an independent software expert may be advisable. It either determines the proper licensing or comes to the conclusion that further software licenses are required. Your license portfolio is documented. An actual target performance analysis is carried out.

A software license report represents the exact starting situation from the point of view of the neutral and independent third party. It can be submitted to the software manufacturer both before and after the manufacturer’s audit. After the appraisal, we accompany the external auditors of the software manufacturer, monitor and document their approach. If necessary, we prohibit the auditors of the software producers from behaving in a certain way, if we consider it to be problematic for legal reasons and, if necessary, engage your legal department or specialized lawyers.