Costs Software Licensing Experts & License Auditors

Cost Overview

Other travel expenses, overnight stays and services of third parties shall be charged according to the actual expenses.

Software licensing expert fees
per hour (DGD-Inhouse)

220,00 €

Software licensing expert fees 
per hour (Travel activity)

280,00 €

Software licensing expert fees
Daily fees 8 hours (DGD-Inhouse)

1.700,00 €

Software licensing expert fees
Daily fees 8 hours (Travel activity)

2.100,00 €

Travel time
per hour

150,00 €

Travel costs
per kilometer

1,00 €

per standard page (1500 characters)

12,00 €

Photos, color prints
per piece

3,00 €

Offer is non-binding. Appointments by arrangement. All prices are subject to statutory value-added tax. Our offer is addressed only to enterprises within the meaning of § 14 Civil Code and to public authorities.

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