An overview of the portfolio of software licenses within companies can uncover possible excess stock.



Software licensing is becoming more and more complex. Software Asset Management (SAM) requires enormous expertise. The permanent monitoring of the software licensing of an enterprise is problematic. Documentation of the software license stock that complies with legal requirements is not always available. Sublicensing has become the rule. Over-licensing leads, on the other hand, to unnecessary expenses elsewhere. False licensing is often the result of insufficient or incorrect advice from software vendors or large account resellers (LAR).

Controllers ask themselves at the latest after the notice of a license audit whether the software used at the enterprise was properly licensed.

As a reliable Companion

We accompany the audits of the software manufacturer. In doing so, we take over the supervision of the third-party auditors. In addition, we independently determine whether there is actually under-licensing and communicate with software producers, large account resellers and the foreign auditors. Our software licensing expert also monitors whether the manufacturer’s auditor complies with the legal framework.

With Attention to every Detail

The German Association for Data Protection examines software licensing at your enterprise. We work independently from the rights owner. On your behalf we determine, whether the software you use is utilized in accordance with the license terms. If there is a need for relicensing, we refer thereto in our expert opinion and, if necessary, provide you with an advice on possible options.

We audit your License Compliance. Independently!