IT Forensics Reports

IT-Forensik Gutachten geeignet für die Deutsche rechtssprechung.

An insight into the Unobvious

IT forensic reports allow investigators to gain insight into criminal offenses. They reveal immediately what initially does not seem obvious. Forensic analysis of computer systems can show whether data has been deleted from a hard drive, whether the documents generated on a computer are relevant for the criminal court or whether a criminal offense has been committed at all.

Furthermore, the IT forensic can often determine whether the offenses the accused was charged with were actually committed by the suspect or possibly even without his involvement by a third party. To this extent, IT forensics may help both to convict an accused person as well as to have an exonerating effect and clarify the circumstances under which the offense was committed.

A client of a defense attorney may seem to be in a hopeless situation. It is no longer possible to avert the conviction, judging from the investigations of the criminal prosecution authorities. However, if the accused denies the offense he or she is charged with, the question arises for the defense attorney about how to defense the client in the best way. Then IT forensics may help.

The criminal defense counsel can commission the IT forensic expert to answer questions relevant to the process. For example, when determining of the IP address, the investigation authorities have come to the conclusion that the accused must have committed the offense, this presumption may be refutable. Investigators, for instance, might have misjudged the possibility that a third party could use the computer of the accused without his or her knowledge.

A computer forensic analysis often reveals whether a computer system has been remotely controlled or otherwise abused by a Trojan. Among other things, the usage times of the computer may be determined. If an accused demonstrably had no access to the computer system at the time, the findings of the IT forensic may lead to the acquittal.

The Decisive Advantage

The German Association for Data Protection accepts orders to prepare IT forensic reports from both defense attorneys and lawyers, as well as from public prosecutors and police authorities. Our IT experts take over the necessary analyses. Even if the suspect has blurred or erased data: IT forensics may help to shed some light on the offense.

IT-Forensik Gutachten geeignet für die Deutsche rechtssprechung.