IT Experts for Insurance Reports

An insurance report is a private report. Insurance companies generally commission the German Association for Data Protection to determine the time value of damaged or destroyed IT technology. In this case, our expert opinions are preceded by claims regulation.

We do not only accept orders from insurance companies. Anyone, including a injured party or damage-causing party, may commission the German Association for Data Protection to draw up an insurance report. We accept expert report orders to determine a damage or to estimate a damage amount. Depending on the requirements of our client, we determine the replacement value, the fair value or a residual value using standard value calculation methods.


An independently prepared IT expert report may prove that an insurer is obliged to make a compensation. The insurer and the injured party frequently have different opinions as regards the amount of the damage. An expert opinion from an independent expert who substantiates a damage level can propmpt an insurer to an unbureaucratic compensation. If there is a need to draw up an expert opinion, the compensating insurance company usually bears the costs.

  • Record all damaged components

  • Optical examination (visible damage)

  • Phototechnical documentation of the damage

  • Technical inspection of damage components (functional test)

  • Evidence of the cause of damage cause and damage itself

  • Analysis of repair possibilities and calculation of the costs of the elimination of damage

  • Estimation of value, fair value estimation, estimation of residual values

  • Determination of the actual damage level


The IT experts of the German Association for Data Protection Association are independent and neutral. We do not conclude long-term contracts with insurance companies and other damage-compensating agencies. We accept only single orders from insurance companies and do not charge them any discounted fees.