We investigate all facts and examine if personal or classified data have been stolen or copied.



Differentiated areas of competence are the rule in the expert field. An IT expert can not prepare any kind of expert opinion. In order to achieve the best results for our clients, we rely on a team of internal and external IT specialists. All experts have their individual strengths.

The German Association for Data Protection is convinced that a single IT expert can not represent a general competency. That is why we cooperate with various IT experts. We bundle the individual competencies of various experts for our clients. We assign our expert orders to the most appropriate IT expert to obtain the best results.

The IT Experts of the German Association for Data Protection produce Independent Expert Reports for:

Public Prosecutors

Expert witness reports are becoming increasingly important in criminal proceedings.



The IT experts of the German Association for Data Protection take over for insurance …



Numerous rights holders face violations of industrial property rights …


Insolvency Administrator

IT systems are now available in many enterprises. An insolvency administrator …



Modern data processing systems, IT systems and software solutions are becoming …


Investigation Authorities

The use of IT experts is required in an increasing number of investigations. The investigation authorities face …


Lawyers and Defense Attorneys

Courts place high demands on the burden of producing evidence and burden of proof in the civil process. The presentation …


The IT experts of the German Association for Data Protection produce

Party & private expert Reports

Due to our independence, the experts of the German Association for Data Protection …


Insurance Reports

An insurance report is a private report. Insurance companies generally commission …


Court Expert Opinions

The IT experts of the German Data Protection Association consider themselves as…


Damage Reports

A damage report clearly establishes and quantifies a financial damage …



Valuations are used to determine the actual value of objects.


The expert is defined as a person who has above-average knowledge and experience in a particular subject area and who makes this particular expertise available to everyone in independent, personal and impartial manner. (1)

That is the way the IT experts of the German Association for Data Protection see themselves. They are independent consultants (2) and assistants (3) of a court or other customer. Our IT experts are characterized by objectivity and credibility, and by their special expertise in the field of information technology.

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We bundle Internal and External expert Knowledge

A strong team with different areas of IT focus and legal education and training.

An expert report is a well-founded, factual and impartial presentation of facts. Our IT expert reports are a powerful embodiment of our findings. The questions raised by our clients or the questions formulated in a court’s evidence order are the basis for the expert opinion.

Our computerized reports provide detailed information of the proof nature. The accreditation of all IT experts of the German Association for Data Protection by an expert association is obvious to us. We offer a comprehensive service and cover numerous areas of information technology.

Whether legal opinions or insurance claims, the German Association for Data Protection is at your disposal.

Expert Reports determine Facts