Our external data protection officers are available to advise and consider which technical and organizational measures could be implemented in your company. We help to uncover potential security gaps in systems.

Practical experience

Our data protection officers are practitioners. The activities of the German Society for Data Protection cover not only legal-theoretical aspects. Data deletion, data carrier destruction and technical data protection are also among our strengths.

Individual care

The focus is on the client. Through targeted and problem-oriented communication, we focus on the wishes of our clients. Strategic and individual cooperation is important to us.


Competent contact persons are available to assist clients. Mobile availability allows prompt action in an emergency.


Many years of experience and continuous training and further education ensure our expertise. We are used to meeting the highest standards and using our knowledge in the best possible way.

Project Management Knowledge

In order to adapt the data processing of our clients to the legal framework, we support them with the appropriate project management knowledge, including the implementation of IT strategies. We want to integrate data protection as cost-effectively as possible.

IT passion and interest

We have in-depth technical understanding and know the common IT systems. A strong passion for information technology accompanies us on our way.

We are committed to your company.