Advantages of our External Data Protection Officers

Data protection officers are legally obliged to make education and training. They should always be up-to-date. Expertise on current court practice, technical know-how and practical reference are among our basic principles.

Cost Advantage

Our external data protection officers always introduce current expertise to the client. No training and education costs are incurred.

No Conflicts of Interest

Our colleagues act as neutral and objective entities. They follow the applicable law and advise all clients independently.


Our clients remain flexible. You can terminate the relationship with us at any time according to legal and contractual provisions.

Use of Synergies

We bring many years of experience from other enterprises into the individual care for our clients.

Protection of internal Resources

The employees of our clients are always focused on the core activity and maintain ongoing operations.

Our colleagues bring experience along. We keep you informed and try to contribute to your data protection management. The knowledge gained in the framework of other client relationships becomes indispensible for configuration of your new data protection concept.

Our Expertise allows for the Avoidance of imminent Fines.