Our Work in the Name of Data Protection

A data protection officer is responsible for a practically-oriented and law-based organization of data protection. Our external data protection officers advise both enterprises and public authorities. We raise awareness at the top level of the organizational structure.

The competent employees of the relevant departments as well as the entire staff of the organization, who come into contact with personal data or even may have the opportunity to access such data in IT environments, is trained to deal with personal data in accordance with the law.

Internal and External Data Protection Officer compared

Scope of Duties

Our external data protection officers are the coordinating and guiding element always available to reply to all questions concerning data protection. We monitor your data protection measures and advise you on the implementation or planning of technical and organizational measures.

Our external data protection officers are responsible for the designing and handling of data protection within your organizational structure. The employees at your head office and branches are going to be advised. We try to ensure a sensitive and trustworthy handling of personal data and to persistently motivate your staff to maintain a high level of data protection.

We also support and advise IT departments, especially in the deployment or planning of the future IT infrastructure. For example, software products that serve the processing of personal information are assessed and know-how provided in order to identify and prevent in advance potential future violations of data protection.

Our Approach
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Provisions and Legislation

One of the most important provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation is the mandatory appointment of a data protection officer for public authorities and enterprises active in the European Union’s economic area, provided that this is provided for by the General Regulation, Union law or the law of the Member States.

Companies should now familiarize themselves with the new rules of the General Data Protection Regulation. The adaptation of the data processing procedures requires time!

Legal Obligation to appoint a Data Protection Officer

In the Federal Republic of Germany, §§ 4f, 4g FDPA regulate the appointment and duties of the data protection officer at the moment..


Fines in case of Violation of Data Protection Provisions

If the obligation to appoint a data protection officer is not complied with or enterprises fail to …


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