The Automated, Secure Erasure Procedure of our Software Solution

Over the past decades, technological developments have consistently improved the quality of life. Modern achievements, technology and data are interdependent. Numerous different high-tech devices contain enormous amounts of data. Responsible treatment of data is becoming increasingly important, which is why data security has become a central topic for legislators in recent years.


The software solution of the German Association for Data Protection is suitable for all types of organizations. It offers many different applications. MSI, network PXE and other media (CD, DVD, USB) can be used to run the erasure procedure. Each of our erasure routes allows a flow rate of a total of about 200 computer systems (secure data erasure) per day.

Although the software solution works efficiently by means of the automation of the erasure process, all devices must first be unpacked, connected to the data erasure server and packaged and palletized after erasure. For this reason, we are undertaking considerable effort to ensure the secure data erasure of our computerized systems.

The erasure software of the German Association for Data Protection offers further advantages: The completely automated processing of the erasure process minimizes possible user errors. During the erasure process there is the possibility of centralized monitoring. The data erasure software is also centralized so that the erasure and documentation could be automated for all computer systems.

A erasure report created automatically in the final step contains detailed information on the data overwriting carried out by the software solution. Report transmission is network-based. In this way, we ensure that our clients can receive an electronic pre-report immediately after data erasure.


Data Destruction

Automated Shutdown

Automated Data Erasure Report Generation

Automated Report Transmission

Clear Cost Saving

All processes, from the initiation and start of the erasure process to the storage of a final erasure report in our database, were automated.

Easy remote Erasure

Comprehensive erasure reports and statistics are also prepared for remote erasure.

Simple Integration

In addition to the secure data destruction, our solution enables an economically efficient use of human resources, i.e. a cost minimization. The erasure process itself is terminated through a final confirmation and the shut-down of the computer system.

A centralized and Internet-based administration menu allows us to monitor the secure remote data erasure of personal data at other locations. This allows us to identify foreign interventions in the erasure process.

The software solution of the German Association for Data Protection has been designed to be compatible with outdated as well as current IT infrastructures. It can also be integrated into other systems.