The NAVOS 5239-26 data erasure procedure works as follows:

  • Pass 1: Overwriting the data with a defined character (e.g., one);

  • Pass 2: Overwriting the data with the opposite of the defined character (e.g., zero);

  • Pass 3: Overwriting the data with a random character as well as verifying the writing of this character.

The NAVSO P-5239-26 data erasure standard is part of the implemented standards in numerous data destruction solutions. After a hard disk has been erased with the NAVSO 5239-26 data erasure method, a software-based file restoration is generally no longer possible. Hardware-based restoration methods also usually fail to recover the data. The NAVSO 5239-26 data erasure procedure was originally defined in the Navy Staff Office Publication Module 5239-26. The standard is the erasure method of the US Navy.

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