We are aware that particularly in enterprises, the protection of important information take on an essential role.

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Enterprise-related and personal data are protected against unauthorized access in the day-to-day operation. IT security has become a key issue. In many cases, the security of information technology in today’s daily business is directly supervised by the management. Sophisticated IT security concepts are designed to fulfil the enormous responsibilities towards business partners, customers, shareholders and employees.

However, the handling of sensitive data is again and again managed in the wrong way.

“For (data protection-related) legal reasons, a revision-proof data erasure of all discarded IT equipment is to be carried out.”

The German Association for Data Protection offers its clients the secure data erasure as a service. In our section “General information” we explain which secure data erasure methods are available and how the recognized data erasure standards work.

General Information

What are the principles and standards of secure data erasure?


The Secure Erasure Process

Which erasure processes allow a revision-proof data erasure?


Secure Erasure at the DGD

When and how is our special erasure software used?


Mobile Data Erasure

How can data on mobile devices or tablets be permanently erased?



While almost all companies have recognized the need to prevent unauthorized access to corporate data during ongoing operations, the threats related to discarded IT equipment and the data stored on it are often underrated. The fact that strictly confidential corporate data may reach the outside through the improper erasure of discarded IT systems is not well known. Many enterprises do not even realize that simply erasing data or formatting hard drives is not capable of destroying the information on a data carrier.

Just as a restoration of a document from the trash bin of a computer system is easy to imagine, there is also the possibility of restoring all data from a hard disk after the simple process of formatting.

Many enterprises are even lacking the defined procedures concerning how the data media or IT equipment that are no longer in use should be dealt with. Substantial security gaps are the result. Confidential information such as internal operating data, sensitive customer information or other personal data leave the enterprise undetected. Often the information, which is located on discarded computer systems, is not deleted at all.


The German Association for Data Protection has mapped its data erasure process in the transparent manner. This ensures that our clients are always informed as to which data media still have to be erased and which have already passed through the process.

1. Transfer of Data Carriers

Outdated or current IT equipment

2. Secure Erasure Process

Revision-proof through erasure software

3. Detailed Erasure Report

Automated generation and transfer

4. Return the Data Carriers

Clean and securely packed


If no revision-proof data erasure is carried out, the data on discarded computer systems may be completely restored.

If these are personal data and, therefore, data relevant to data protection, fines may follow. In the case of customer data or enterprise-related sensitive data, which are passed on to the public, other consequences for the enterprise may not be excluded.

How high are the Fines?
Correct Treatment of the discarded Hardware may be crucial.