Information technology (short: IT) is the umbrella term for a variety of information technology devices (e.g. servers, smartphones, USB sticks, computers, hard drives). Data can be stored on many of these devices. It is often personal data within the meaning of legal regulations, which is why it must be irrevocably deleted before the device is sold. One way to ensure the residue-free removal of personal data on these devices is the secure data deletion offered by the German Society for Data Protection.


personal data cannot be recovered,

proof can be provided that the data originally on the data carrier was successfully deleted.

The latter is necessary to comply with legal requirements. The aforementioned aspects are combined within the scope of the services we offer. Our name stands for the fact that the data of our clients is completely and securely deleted.

The German Society for Data Protection has special erasure software that ensures permanent and secure data erasure. Hard drives and data storage devices that we have erased cannot be restored using any technology known to date. Even special computer forensic software fails due to the deletion methods we use.

Our software solution also maps the necessary documentation. At the end of the deletion process, a detailed deletion report is generated, which subsequently serves our clients as proof of the secure deletion process.


We usually delete our clients’ data according to the standards of the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security), the HMG Infosec method, the standard of the US Department of Defense (DOD) or the NIST 800-88/ATA standard. We also have other standards for secure data erasure at our disposal. Most internationally established data erasure standards are supported by our data erasure software.


The deletion methods of the German Society for Data Protection meet European data protection regulations. We practice secure data erasure in combination with an audit-proof erasure report. As soon as the data has been deleted from the equipment delivered to us or picked up by us, our clients receive the legally compliant proof of the data deletion in the form of the deletion report. This is required for a review by internal or external auditors.

Your focus stays the same

We are also the right address for highly sensitive or secret data. The clients of the German Society for Data Protection can concentrate on their core business. Our deletion software works with different hardware systems and is also able to delete the data storage of the latest devices. Whether servers, central units, laptops or smartphones.

Your safe location

The prices for the service vary depending on the pick-up location, the quantity of old IT equipment and the method of erasure. Secure data deletion takes place at the Petershausen site near Munich and can be monitored and documented by your data protection officer. The deletion reports provided by us as documentation are signed by two employees.

The German Society for Data Protection. Your partner for secure data erasure.