Mobile Data erasure

Our digital world enables real-time communication. Information and data are embedded in various technological developments. You can listen to music, write e-mails or take photos with numerous modern devices. TVs are just one example. Countless technological systems today are equipped with a data storage function. Life without a smartphone is hard to imagine.

Safe to share

Before equipment is sold or passed on within the company, personal data must be deleted from both internal and external data storage devices – such as the memory chips installed in smartphones. Names and telephone numbers are personal data within the meaning of data protection regulations. Such are stored in every smartphone.

The software solution of the German Society for Data Protection therefore eliminates all risks of device transfer.

Delete via app

A permanent deletion of information, contacts, e- mail addresses and messages from a smartphone or tablet PC is necessary to comply with legal requirements.

The mobile app used by the German Society for Data Protection completely removes all user data on mobile devices, so that a smartphone or tablet PC can subsequently be passed on to other employees or external persons in compliance with data protection law.

Final review

A check initiated after data deletion guarantees and documents the complete data deletion from mobile devices. The software  solution creates a comprehensive report for this.

The test log contains all the details, such as the product name and model of a smartphone, information about the former user, the storage capacity and the IMEI code. The software solution also offers the option of resetting the device to the factory settings.

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