We know that the protection of important information is particularly important in companies.


Company and personal data are protected against unauthorized access in everyday business. IT security has become a key issue. In today’s day-to-day business, the security of information technology is often subject to the direct supervision of management. With sophisticated IT security concepts, attempts are made to meet the enormous responsibility towards business partners, customers, shareholders and our own employees.

The handling of confidential data is still handled incorrectly again and again.

"For (data protection) legal reasons, an audit-proof data deletion of all decommissioned old IT devices must be carried out."

The German Society for Data Protection offers its clients secure data deletion as a service. In our “General Information” section, we explain which secure deletion methods are available and how the recognized data deletion standards work.

General information

What principles and standards does data erasure follow?

The safe deletion process

Which deletion processes allow an audit-proof data deletion?

Secure deletion at the DGD

When and how is our special deletion software used?

Mobile data erasure

How to permanently erase data on mobile devices or tablets?


While almost all companies have recognized the need to prevent unauthorized access to company data during operation, the dangers emanating from decommissioned old IT devices and the data stored there are often misunderstood. Little is known that top-secret company data can be leaked out through improper deletion of decommissioned IT systems. In many companies it is not even publicized that simply deleting data or formatting hard drives is not suitable for destroying the information on a data carrier.
Just as it is easy to recover a document from the recycle bin of a computer system, there is also the possibility of recovering all data from a hard disk after a simple formatting process. Many companies even lack defined processes for dealing with data carriers that are no longer used or old IT devices. The result is significant security gaps. Secret information such as internal company data, sensitive customer information or other personal data leave the company unnoticed. The information that is on decommissioned IT systems is often not deleted in the first place.


The German Society for Data Protection has mapped its data deletion process transparently. This ensures that our clients are always informed about which data carriers still need to be deleted and which have already gone through the process.

1. Handover of data carriers

Obsolete or current IT equipment

2. Secure erase process

Audit-proof through deletion software

3. Detailed erasure report

Automated creation and delivery

4. Return of Media

Cleaned up and securely packed


If no audit-proof data deletion is carried out, the data on the decommissioned computer systems can be completely restored.

If this is personal data and thus data relevant to data protection law, fines may result. If it is customer data or company data that is subject to confidentiality that is made public, other consequences for the company cannot be ruled out.

Being safe with old hardware can be crucial.