We assist our Clients

From the initial Consultation, through the Process, to the subsequent Support.

Different requirements demand a differentiated approach. We support our clients both in data protection and data security. For this reason, we are subdividing our services into the following six areas:


#1 External Data Protection Officer

A data protection officer is responsible for a practically-oriented and law-based organization of data protection. Our external …


Dienstleistungen Sichere Datenlöschung

#2 Data Erasure

Enterprise-related and personal data are protected against unauthorized access in day-to-day operation. IT security is a key issue …


Mit einem Datenschutz Audit alles unter die Lupe nehmen

#3 Data Protection Audit

A regular data protection audit is useful for the controller, because it is a suitable control measure by means of …


Gutachten eines EDV-Sachverständigen

#4 IT Expert Opinions

Distinguished areas of competence are the rule in the expert field. An IT expert may not …


Mit IT-Forensik auf der richtigen Spur

#5 IT Forensics

The increasing use of information technology systems by the end-user, the technical development …


Liznezgutachten und Softwarelizenzierung transparent machen

#6 License Audit and Software Reports

Software licensing is becoming more and more complex. Software Asset Management requires …


Data Protection is an indispensable condition for the functioning of any democratic community in the age of information society.- Jörg Tauss
Data Protection is a necessary counterbalance and a corrective tool against the excessive data processing that infringes individual rights, but it can not and should not be a preventive instrument.- Hans Peter Bull
Data Protection is a prerequisite for a democratically responsible information society.- Hartmut Lubomierski