Technological developments have steadily improved the quality of life over the past few decades. Modern achievements, technology and data are interdependent. Numerous different high-tech devices contain enormous amounts of data. Responsible handling of data is becoming more and more important, which is why data security has become a central issue for legislators in recent years.


The software solution of the German Society for Data Protection is suitable for all types of organizations. It offers many different possible uses. MSI, network PXE and other media (CD, DVD, USB) can be used to run the erase process. Each of our extinguishing lines enables an erasure throughput of around 200 computer systems (secure data erasure) per day.

Although the software solution works efficiently by automating the deletion process, all equipment must first be unpacked, connected to the data deletion server and then packed and palletized after deletion has taken place. We therefore make considerable efforts to ensure the secure deletion of data from our clients’ decommissioned computer systems.

The deletion software from the German Society for Data Protection has other advantages: The fully  automated deletion process minimizes possible user errors. Centralized monitoring is possible during the deletion process. The data erasure software is also filled up centrally so that the erasure and documentation for all computer systems can take place automatically.

A deletion report that is automatically generated in the final step later contains detailed information on the data overwriting carried out by the software solution. The reporting is network based. In this way, we ensure that our clients can receive an electronic advance report immediately after the data has been deleted.


Data destruction

Automobile. shut down

Automobile. erasure reporting

Automobile. reporting

Clear cost savings

All processes, from starting and initiating the deletion process to filing a final deletion report in our database, have been automated.

Hassle-free remote erasure

Extensive deletion reports and statistics are also created for remote deletion.

Easy integration

In addition to secure data destruction, our solution enables an economically efficient use of human  resources, i.e. cost minimization. The deletion process itself ends with a confirmation of completion and the shutdown of the computer system.

A centralized and web-based administration menu allows us to oversee the secure remote erasure of personal data at other locations. This enables us to identify third-party interventions in the deletion process.

The software solution of the German Society for Data Protection was designed in such a way that it is compatible with both outdated and current IT infrastructure. It can also be integrated into other systems.

We hope we were able to give you an insight into our work.