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In this section you can download the flyers of German Association for Data Protection. Feel free to pass on these materials to your business partners.

External Data Protection Officer
We develop individual, and according to the client's needs, customized data protection procedures. An external Data Protection Officer serves as a contact person for the management, the ...Download
Data Protection Audit
The controller is required to implement a process for regularly testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures for ensuring processing security, ...Download
DGD Service Flyer secure data erasure EN
Data Erasure
Start, initiation and reporting of the erasure process are all automated. Erasure over distance is possible via a central and web-based management system that allows the process to be monitored. Accessibility to ...Download
Audit Tool
We focus on incorporating data protection by design. Our multilingual audit system is able to serve multinational corporations and local SMEs. It enables both a technical and legal audit, and therefore is a ...Download
Training Tool
Training has a special significance for both local SMEs and large corporations. With our multilingual online training tool, we are able to train your employees independent from their locations or time zones. ...Download
Compare Internal/External DPO
The termination of the employment relationship with an internal data protection officer is not permissible ,unless there are facts that justify a termination for a good cause without observing a notice period. ...Download

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