Facts about Data Protection

From the Basics to the Questions of Our Clients

The Expertise of the German Association for Data Protection is based on Three Main Pillars:

Combination of Expertise

Our team is composed of experts from different disciplines and can, therefore, cover different areas of expertise.

Continuous Education and Training

In order to keep our employees up-to-date, we provide them with regular education and training.

Interdisciplinary Knowledge

We incorporate our accumulated experience from different industries and areas into the consultation.


Clients are often in different starting situations. We ask different questions. Therefore, based on our experience, we have compiled a brief overview of frequently asked questions.



The rights of the individual can arise from the laws of the Member States – for example, from national state data protection laws or federal laws – or be stamming from supranational regulations; such as the General Data Protection Regulation. If you are looking for an overview, here are the answers.